For as long as I can remember, I’ve been a curious problem-solver fascinated by human behavior.

My career has been built on creativity and collaboration with the common thread of a human-centered process and I thrive in environments where I can observe, engage, empathize.

The work I have done has even garnered national recognition. During my time as the wellness supervisor at Devon Energy, the wellness program was recognized with the 2016 GoodLife Fitness Health and Wellness Leadership award for service improvements after applying user feedback to enhance the member experience.

Academically, I have pursued all my passions: psychology, health promotion, and interaction design. I’m skilled in user experience research and design methodologies (including affinity mapping, card sorting, contextual inquiry, prototyping (paper and digital), quantitative and qualitative analysis, and usability testing). I’m also comfortable with tools such as Axure, Sketch and Figma. 

All of these interests, skills and experiences have blended beautifully to bring me where I am today.

And bonus – I speak and understand conversational French!

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Ergonomics app

training app for utility technicians

role: researcher & designer

Participatory design

involving users in research

role: researcher

AR app for urban planning


role: facilitator