You can go straight to my resume for the formal telling of my story or read on to learn more about me. 

As a passionate experience practitioner, fascinated by human interaction and why we behave the way we do. I am skilled at research and have an affinity for shaping user journeys.  My strength lies in aligning those journeys with broader strategies.


In addition to my interaction design degree (in progress), I have degrees in psychology and kinesiology and a graduate certificate in leadership.

My formal education has shaped my ability to make connections, empathize with people, identify trends, think critically, manage and coach and communicate effectively.

Work Experience

Ultimately, user experience is about solving problems and maximizing experiences. Once I began delving into user experience research and design, I was able to qualify the instinct I’ve had in every single one of my roles to come up with efficient methods for solving people and business problems. 

As wellness supervisor and manager of a corporate wellness facility, I use research to design programs that engage employees to take charge of their health. The wellness program was nationally recognized in 2016, receiving the GoodLife Fitness Health and Wellness Leadership award for our successful use of surveys and user feedback to guide the member experience.