Experience Designer

Welcome! I have experience designing for users and am a current student of interaction design. I’m passionate about research and learning what makes people do what they do. 


Take a look at a few of my projects.

RAPP Connections

Concept digital messaging system for older adults

For a design theory class, I conceptualized a digital messaging system for older adults and conducted generative design sessions to validate the concept.

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Musculoskeletal disorders training toolkit

Training toolkit created to address on-the-job injuries

I created a train-the-trainer curriculum for field supervisors to deliver to their teams of utilities workers, with the business goal of reducing the number of injuries sustained on the job.

I approached the curriculum development from the point of view of the utilities worker, while respecting the organization’s business needs. I accompanied (and recorded) workers on their residential and commercial field site visits and conducted interviews to gather behavioural data on which to base the training program.

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